One of the things we get to do with each album is to have new photos taken for promotion. We were able to do this again last weekend and below are some of our favorite shots from the session. We used an old home on my Daddy’s farm as the backdrop for our photos. Photography by Jennifer C. Sellers

Last night, we had our Good Friday services at church – WOW! What a vivid reminder of what our Savior went through for us, for me, for you. And to think my attitude yesterday, and even this morning, is so far away from what Jesus’ attitude was to even His worst enemies. He did, after all, pray for His enemies, the ones that were nailing Him to the wooden beams and spitting on Him. The ones that still mock Him today. The ones that turn their backs and deny the most perfect of gifts. The ones. US.

Thank You, God, for Your abundant unfailing love for us! Help me to be involved in Your Divine Plan today – to be about Your work, Your eternal work on this earth. Thank You for inviting me to join You today

Have you ever dealt with something for years…something you didn’t quite deal with in the past that keeps coming up in circumstances in your life? I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately that I believe God is trying to get me to finally deal with and settle in my mind and heart.

In the back of my mind, I have always thought that something bad would happen to me or my family. At one point a long time ago, for example, I feared that if I had children there would be something terribly wrong with them. Since my children have been born, Will, seven almost eight years old and Sidney, three, I have been even more aware that something could happen to them. I guess my awareness of the evil in this world has heightened, not to the point of living in a bubble. It has never been an overwhelming fear, just in the back of my mind, which leads me to believe that is why it has never been completely dealt with. (more…)