Love is Here



Love Is Here is a special worship experience that Russell and Kristi have planned that combines video and live worship into an hour long special event that you can share with your church and community.  It is the perfect opportunity to invite friends, loved ones and the people who live close to you to a church service to receive the message of the Christ’s birth and ultimate sacrifice.

Several groups were able to experience Love Is Here last Christmas season and Russell and Kristi have brought the worship experience back for another year.  Love Is Here is based around an original song written by Russell.  The song talks about how temporary things will come and go, but that when Jesus Christ was born and through his sacrifice we have hope forevermore.

The worship service is designed to be flexible – allowing the church to choose whether they want a full service completely handled by Russell and Kristi or a tag-team combining elements from Russell and Kristi with your pastor and/or team. Russell and Kristi are able to bring in everything required – sound system, screens, projector, the message and music.

Russell and Kristi are currently booking dates during November and December for Love is Here. You may contact them at (843) 446-2983 or   Would you prayerfully consider bringing this to your church and your community?