New promo shots

One of the things we get to do with each album is to have new photos taken for promotion. We were able to do this again last weekend and below are some of our favorite shots from the session. We used an old home on my Daddy’s farm as the backdrop for our photos. Photography by Jennifer C. Sellers


  1. Hi Russell,
    I need a photo and a press blurb for the media info. Can you send me something so that we can get the calendar and releases to press?

  2. Hi Kristi, Saw you both at Garden City Chapel this summer, and I am so inspired by your ministry as always. Any way, God has put you on my heart to help us with an event that will take place on October 19. Mary Ann Bishop wants to make contact with you and needs to know the best way. You can email me or call her. Its been a long time since I have seen you all, the BSF days!! Know how God has multiplied your gifts! Mary Ann would love to hear from you or know how to get a hold of you. Her email is Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Debb ie Nordstrom

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