Kristi’s Blog: This life story’s main character is not me

I’m finally reading Crazy Love.  My friend, Melissa, encouraged me to read it a while back and I bought it, only to sit it on my nightstand to ‘get to it later.’  Well, now is later.  I picked it up on Sunday and am trying to allow God to speak to me through such an amazing speaker and writer, Francis Chan.

Chapter 2 got me!  It talks about something you and I know already but need reminding of on a moment-by-moment basis…This life story’s main character is not me, not you, not the celebrity, not even the most God-used speakers and writers, but God.  God alone.  Sometimes, though, don’t we all seem to act like it’s about us, even a little?  Like Francis Chan puts it, we know that God is holy, but “I am still dumb enough to forget that life is all about God and not about me at all.”

I thought about it…What am I doing with my little part of this story called life? Am I making much of God or much of Kristi?  Am I living eternally minded in how I parent, how I relate to my husband, how I interact with my friends and family?  Or am I getting caught up in this fast-paced life that can seem to be about my stuff, my circumstances, my commitments?

I am challenged today to live life to make much of my Creator, my Savior, the One Who owns this story anyway.

What about you?

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  1. I did the bible study for Crazy Love with my Sunday school class. It has really touched our lives to the point that we decided to put our house up for sell and downsize so that we can do the things God wants us to do…..I pray God opens your eyes and heart to the awesome message in this book. Be blessed…

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