What’s That One Thing?


What’s that one thing you believe God put you on earth to do?  Have you ever thought about it?  What’s the one thing you believe every part of you has been created, crafted, uniquely woven to do while you’re on this earth?     You might be thinking…”Those are pretty hard and deep questions, too hard for me to figure out.”  I understand!  They ARE hard and deep and sometimes feel like they could have so many different answers.

As I type this, I am praying that God would just pour His wisdom through these words and say what He wants to say…

We’re all created in His image.  God came among us as Jesus Christ and showed us how to live.  He probably had everybody pulling Him in so many directions; yet He had a purpose…to do the will of His Father.

We all have a purpose…to do the will of our Father.  We have each been crafted with unique talents, gifts, personalities, likes and dislikes to be used for bringing praise to our Creator and Savior.  Everything we do should point other people to Christ.

Have you ever noticed how busy we all get???  Sure you have and sure you are!  We are ALL busy, and busy at many (many, many) good things. Let’s look back on Jesus’ life.  He had many people asking Him for things.  After all, they had God in the flesh walking among them.  We probably all would have been asking Him for things!  Jesus, however, concentrated on what He was here for, knowing that He had created people to be able to do His work with His help and the help of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus kept looking to God the Father and kept His focus on doing His will.  Jesus wasn’t here on earth by accident and neither are we.  Jesus had a purpose for being here and so do we.  He created us that way…WITH A PURPOSE…with HIS purpose.

If you don’t know what that is, ask Him.  If you don’t know HIM, ask Him to make Himself known to you.  He DOES have a purpose for your life and mine.  The way He made you is different than how He made your brother, or sister, or neighbor, or ___________ (you fill in the blank).

I believe that over a lifespan, you will do many things that work together to become the ‘one thing’ He created you for.  After all, we change during different seasons of life.  We grow, mature, slip, get back up.  One thing remains, though.  God has a purpose for your life.  Don’t ever forget that.  He wants to use each of us to touch people’s lives.  Maybe you love to sing (like I do).  God may use you to sing a song that will speak His life into a person’s life for the very first time and they realize God loves them and has a purpose for their life.  Maybe you like to draw, run, build things, play golf, work on engines!  Whatever it is, He can use it if you give it to Him and surrender control.

He died for you.  You’re special to Him.  He will help you figure it out.  He will help you as you surrender all the good stuff for His best.  Why not let Him?

Pray with me…Lord, please help me to give you every part of me, I mean EVERY part.  Help me to know without a doubt that You created me intentionally, with a purpose, to bring honor and glory to You.  Help me allow You to do what only You can do in and through me.  Please make clearer and clearer the path You have for me and help me trust You, especially on days and seasons when the path gets hard to see.  Thank You, in advance, that You’re going to do amazing things in and through me because You created me that way…to honor You.  You’re a good God and I love you.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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